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Ms. Addy Stoll, MSW, PEL is a graduate of Loyola University Chicago. She is psychotherapist who specializes in the treatment of children, adolescents, teens, young adults, and their families. Prior to joining Doctor Annie Therapy Group, she worked in an inpatient facility for children and teens (3 years), an LGBT community center with youth (1 year), and both public and therapeutic day school settings (approximately 4 years). Ms. Addy works with individuals who are currently experiencing mood, anxiety, and eating disorders. She also specializes in school-related issues, peer and social problems, bullies, developmental stress, and identity issues. Ms. Addy also specializes in working with LGBT individuals and their families. In addition, she has extensive experience working with those that engage in self-harming behaviors. She often utilizes art and play therapy in order to help individuals express themselves and gain insight into emotional experiences. “I find this to be most helpful when a patient struggles to verbalize their symptoms, emotions, or are utilizing defense mechanisms to protect themselves from emotional vulnerability.” Ms. Addy recognizes the importantance of working with not only the patient, but also family members. “I value the insight of parents and other family members and work with the family when possible to increase their understanding of the presenting problem.” Ms. Addy works to develop treatment plans that utilize individualized interventions to best support her patients.







School Related Issues
Having received extensive training in a public school setting, Ms. Addy is well-versed in many issues that may come up in a school environment including Learning Disabilities, school refusal, and school-related anxiety. Ms. Addy is knowledgeable and confident in working with patients and their families who have Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) and 504 plans. This includes individuals that are currently going through the IEP or 504 process, or children and adolescents who already receive services but may be struggling with receiving special education services within a school setting. “My work in a public school has shown me the importance of collaborating with not only parents, but also teachers, school social workers or counselors, and other educators. I work to ensure that my patients meet their goals in all aspects of their life. When appropriate, I like to include the child or adolescent in the process in order to increase their sense of self-worth, hope, motivation, follow through, and acceptance of any accommodations.”

LGBT Issues
Having worked with individuals within the LGBT community directly for one year at Center on Halsted, Ms. Addy is one of the few psychotherapists in the area that is confident in working with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Gender Queer, Gender Fluid, and Gender Questioning youth, parents, and families. She recognizes the possible changes and stress that can come along with coming out to family and friends, and provides support to her patients in order to help them empower themselves. She works with LGBT individuals of all ages (children, teens, and adults), and incorporates family therapy, psycho-education, and support whenever it is necessary. “I provide support to individuals and families at all stages of the coming out process. I work with those who are just beginning their journey, and those who are not. No matter where my patient is on their journey, I work with them to gain a healthy sense of self and acceptance, and empower themselves.” Ms. Addy recognizes and appreciates the many different aspects of her LGBT patients. “An LGBT patient is more than just their sexuality or gender identity. I wants learn about all of the aspects of my patients’ lives, and provide support and interventions that are unique to my patients and their many different interests, struggles, and identified areas of need.”

Ms. Addy’s Philosophy
Ms. Addy values the therapeutic process, and believes that building rapport with patients is of upmost importance. Specializing in strength’s based work, Ms. Addy works to discover a child or adolescent’s current strengths and interests, and incorporates those into the therapy process. “I believe that meeting a patient where he or she is currently at will not only work to create the best therapeutic relationship, but also create the building blocks for progress in therapy.” Using a patient’s strengths as a foundation to foster a therapeutic relationship helps to instill a positive outlook especially in patients who may come into therapy feeling defeated or resistant. “I strive to build strong therapeutic relationships with children and adolescents that allow them the freedom to express themselves and express their insight into their current struggles and help them to arrive at a better understanding of self-reflection. I work collaboratively with children and adolescents in order to create solutions together. By creating solutions collaboratively rather than authoritatively, individuals are more likely to feel a sense of control over their problems. I also believe that this is key to helping patients feel successful in their lives.” This caring and collaborative approach works with many individuals, including those that have been unable to find success with previous therapists, and those who are resistant to treatment. Ms. Addy is reassuring and also straight forward with patients. Ms. Addy utilizes a variety of therapeutic modalities when working with patients. She chooses interventions considering each patient’s unique symptoms, perspective, unique symptoms and patterns of behavior and communication, and interests. “I believe in remaining flexible within the therapy setting. I value collaborating with individuals to generate a treatment plan using methods most likely to help them best meet their goals.”