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9 W. Crystal Lake Road Suite 125 Lake In The HIlls ILL 60156


9 W. Crystal Lake Road Suite 125 Lake In The HIlls ILL 60156


(224) 400-9961


Doctor Annie Stokesberry, Psy, D.
(224) 400 9961
9 W. Crystal Lake Road, Suite 125
Lake In The Hills, IL 60156

Near the corner of Algonquin Road & Randall Road:

Dr. Annie Stokesberry PSY D Therapy Group

Ms. Ashley Kokoszka B.A., has an educational background from the Clinical Psychology-Counseling Practice Master’s Program at Roosevelt University. Previously, she earned her B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Communication Studies from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Ms. Ashley has the opportunity to offer a sliding scale for those who do not have health insurance and cannot afford the full rate fee.

Ms. Ashley has experience working with children, adolescents, and adults at the inpatient level. She believes that self-awareness and understanding is the key to creating change within ourselves. “In order to make changes in our behavior, we have to first recognize it and understand the function it provides us. The process of integrating this insight increases our self-compassion and affirms our commitment to gain mastery of our own experiences.”

Ms. Ashley values the importance of creating a strong therapeutic relationship and a safe space to foster learning and growth. By striving to help her clients feel validated and heard, she can more readily assist others create positive and lasting changes in their lives. She works to understand how each individual sees and understands the world in order to create goals uniquely tailored to them. Having a background in Communication Studies has provided Ms. Ashley with knowledge about effective communication and interpersonal skills, and promotes the importance of healthy and meaningful relationships. She strives to improve the quality of social and familial relationships, as well as improve the individual’s confidence in forming and maintaining these bonds.

“I believe that everyone has the potential to live a fulfilling and happy life, and I am dedicated to helping you achieve your goals!”