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9 W. Crystal Lake Road Suite 125 Lake In The HIlls ILL 60156


9 W. Crystal Lake Road Suite 125 Lake In The HIlls ILL 60156


(224) 400-9961


Doctor Annie Stokesberry, Psy, D.
(224) 400 9961
9 W. Crystal Lake Road, Suite 125
Lake In The Hills, IL 60156

Near the corner of Algonquin Road & Randall Road:

Dr. Annie Stokesberry PSY D Therapy Group

Ms. Kim LPC, is a graduate of Argosy University in Schaumburg, IL. Ms. Kim has worked for a non-profit family counseling center, as well as private practices. She has extensive training and experience working with Somatic Psychotherapy, working with the body’s innate intelligence and sense, with young to elder adults. She has worked successfully with reducing chronic pain issues as well as trauma, chronic distress and overwhelm related to adult’s life situations and changes that increase stress. Ms. Kim has a helpful skill set to assist people with various medical conditions and problems (i.e. fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, stress from shock, developmental trauma, and living cancer/post-cancer).


Ms. Kim also enjoys working with women who experience pregnancy changes/issues and the impact of these changes. Ms. Kim is an excellent resource for parents and help to develop appropriate parenting skills and strategies for their particular situation. When working with parents, Ms. Kim helps building conceptualization, which aids parents in developing a better understanding of their child’s nervous system needs, as well as their own. “I look at this as being in service to supporting more skilled and consistent self-regulation that helps give confidence and real life tools to adults and children in positively understanding their own inner ‘engine’ and how it relates to emotions, body, behaviors, and self perceptions.”


Ms. Kim is also a nationally certified Acupressure Therapist with over 13 years of experience using acupressure somatic awareness related to how one’s body holds stress, attempts to armor, or defend themselves. She teaches self-acupressure skills to adults and kids while bringing in breath awareness. “I find that people are able to grasp simple acupressure tools making connections with where their breath is at in ways that facilitate building their own personal kit of skills and self-knowledge.”


Since 2009, Ms. Kim has been studying and training with the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute (SETI). Prior to that, she was with the Trauma Resource Institute. She has completed her advanced training with SETI and also brings her recent training and complementary work with Touch Training through SETI faculty instructor and marriage and family therapist, Dave Berger’s Body and Somatic Education application of work (BASE).

“Dave’s extensive and multifaceted background in creating BASE work has synthesized much of my training and experience of the span of 16 years in the body-mind area of somatics and therapy. I am excited to continue to integrate it as appropriate with patients and in my work.”