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9 W. Crystal Lake Road Suite 125 Lake In The HIlls ILL 60156


9 W. Crystal Lake Road Suite 125 Lake In The HIlls ILL 60156


(224) 400-9961


Doctor Annie Stokesberry, Psy, D.
(224) 400 9961
9 W. Crystal Lake Road, Suite 125
Lake In The Hills, IL 60156

Near the corner of Algonquin Road & Randall Road:

Dr. Annie Stokesberry PSY D Therapy Group

Ms. Rosie Velarde B.A., is completing her final year in the Master’s Program in Clinical Psychology-Counseling Practice at Roosevelt University. Rosie earned her B.A. in Psychology from the University of Illinois at Chicago. 

Rosie has experience working with children and adolescents in many different forms.  She first discovered her passion for working with young people teaching English while living abroad in Spain.  This experience further strengthened her beliefs about the importance of family, culture, and community as it pertains to the individual and more importantly, how individuals connect themselves to these aspects of their lives.  

Over the past several years, Rosie has observed these connections fraying in our society. She identifies and challenges mental health, physical health, learning disabilities and overall crisis decline in members of our society. 

Some of the most vulnerable are those with Autism and Rosie has been serving this population as a behavioral therapist prior to her joining the Doctor Annie Therapy Group team. Her experience as a behavior therapist has made it clear to her that she believes all young people possess unique abilities and individuality.   The challenge becomes discovering and harnessing these strengths to assist individuals in their pursuit to continue to thrive, grow, and shift towards a fulfilling life. 

Rosie highly values scientific (data driven) information, and also adheres to a holistic approach to therapy. She believes the connectivity between the sociological, psychological, biological, and spiritual facets is what contributes to a healthy and fulfilling life. By striving towards a better understanding of how these aspects work together, Rosie trusts that an individual can build their own foundation for happiness. She regards the patient-therapist relationship crucial to establishing the trust needed to grow and develop a safe therapeutic space that promotes individual growth and a positive outcome. She is excited to gain her experience and knowledge base so that she may have the opportunity to serve the community and expand. 

Rosie genuinely believes that all people possess the power to grow, to better themselves, to heal themselves and to live fulfilling and meaningful lives.