Sensory Room

We, at Doctor Annie Therapy Group, strive to stay on the cutting edge of research and new therapeutic modalities. Our first priority is to provide patients with high quality, effective therapy services. Consistent with this commitment, we opened our sensory room in July of 2016. Sensory rooms are safe spaces that include special lighting, sounds, olfactory stimulation, tactile objects, and other items designed to help patients with communication, self-regulation skills, and insight regarding the effect of sensory stimulation on the nervous system.
Needless to say, the response to our sensory room has been undeniably positive! Patients of all ages are developing an understanding of their nervous systems and exploring ways to help themselves regulate their bodies and brains. We are truly amazed and inspired by how engaging our sensory room is! Most importantly, it is INTERESTING and FUN!!
Our sensory room contains many objects, activities, and toys designed to help patients learn how these objects impact their nervous systems. We have colored lights, music, chairs that allow movement, a myriad of tactile objects with varied textures, fidget toys, arts and crafts projects, and essential oils for olfactory stimulation. Of course, we also have TONS OF REALLY COOL STUFF THAT GLOWS IN THE DARK!!!
We have found our sensory room to be very helpful when patients are anxious about, or are resistant to, the therapy process. It allows an opportunity to experience an immediate positive shift in mood and decrease in anxiety level. The sensory room is a non-threatening environment, which helps lower defense mechanisms, resulting in a positive therapeutic experience. Using this room with activated patients also sends the message that we are invested in their growth and will do whatever we can to make them more comfortable in therapy!
Many of our patients have replicated elements of the sensory room within their homes to use as a means to regulate their (or their child’s) emotions and/or behavior.
Although this room is fabulous as it is, we have plans for additions! WE LOVE THIS ROOM AND THE POSITIVE IMPACT IT PROVIDES OUR PATIENTS!!!