As I was procrastinating the writing of this Blog (it’s my first) and reviewing my lists of topics I might write about, it occurred to me that I could write about the very thing that was interfering with my following through on this tasks. You see, I have been pondering the starting of a blog thing for months. I usually am a person who likes to clear off the plate of any “to do’s” hanging over my head, so I was at a loss as to why I just couldn’t get going on this.

Then…spring started showing its old familiar first signs of green stumbling to push upward from the earth and we were starting to have more (well, ok…occasional) days of relative warmth and even the sun has come out to play (albeit for short periods). I began to see my garden at home seeming to try, to fight, the destruction of the winter. It occurred to me (as I am sure others have recognized) that our human life experience reflects nature in many ways. The seasons mirror our lives in both general and specific ways. The spring of our life (time) might refer to being young and naive or innocent might be the “big picture” interpretation representing the general. The phases of our life that inspired and effect the greatest positive change might be the very image of spring.

Every season has a lesson. Winter is to hibernate, take a long rest, to recuperate, and to protect ourselves from the elements and the many hardships and losses in this desolate time of the year. Winter teaches us to conserve resources and be mindful of waste. It helps us connect to our resilient capacity. Summer is the time to maintain our nurturing efforts to sustain us throughout the remainder of the year and to “stock up” on resources to assure our survival, prepare for leaner months, and to bask in the warmth of the sun to build our strength in our bodies and constitution. Fall is the harvest season, a time to reap what we have sown in the previous season(s) to support ourselves and our peeps when the earth is frozen and unable to provide for our sustenance. It is also time to preserve and conserve our resources in our continued preparation for the stark winter.

Beyond the concrete lessons, I believe Mother Nature speaks to us in a more abstract way as well. To me, Spring is the obvious time of taking action in our emotional life; to dream of a happier life, a time to aspire to bring more intention in our life purpose, our relationships, and the way we view the world and our place in it. Many of the questions and conundrums in life are internal and emotional. We have been taught and encouraged by society and our life experiences to ignore, avoid, and even “shut down” these aspects of our lives. My wish is that we begin to recognize the starvation of our emotional life. It is healthy (and good) to think of these perhaps neglected parts, to recognize ones that are not serving us well; to dream about what a happier and healthier life might bring us, to plan, and take action in order to actualize the shifts or changes we envision. We have the power to live our life on purpose!!!

It occurs to me that most creative work (poetry, songs, etc…) related to Spring includes an element of human emotion or an experience which elicits an emotional response. It is common to associate spring with possibly the most intense of emotional experiences such as; love, passion, and new life/awakening. These themes are consistent in the animal kingdom and other living organisms in the natural world as well. It is the time of year when animals emerge from hibernation, activity increases in most life forms, and many species breed new life. The bears are meandering out of the caves after a long winter’s nap, birds are beginning their morning chorus, the flowers bloom, baby chicks are hatching, fawns are born wide eyed and clumsy,  trees are budding and will be expressive in the pallet of colors in their leaves and flowers, and the lakes and rivers are thawing and churning with the first movements of spring.

So, let’s get ready to spring into our greatest version of ourselves (whatever that may look like)! Spring is a time for rebirth and new beginnings, inspiration, energy to act, and hope. It makes perfect sense to take advantage of the season and the natural order of things to take steps toward any personal goal you have in mind. If you are someone who desires some shift or change (even to think more positively) considering using the next 2 months of Spring as motivation to nurture a part of yourself that may need a “tune up” or a “touch up.” Now is the time to be the best version of YOU! The magical powers of the universe certainly couldn’t hurt your efforts!

Some helpful hints to make steps toward your incredible transformation:

  • reflect and think about the ways you think, act, talk, see yourself and/or others…I know…this is a tough one. It requires courage to take an honest look at ourself. Just keep working on it, being gentle and kind to yourself. Do not beat yourself up here! Simply tell yourself, “I know this is difficult and many people struggle with self examination. It takes practice and it will be worth the effort when I look back and see the growth I have made!”
  • identify the areas that cause problems or keep you “stuck”
  • develop a plan to make the shift
  • create a way to remind yourself of your goals on a daily basis. Try making a review of your goals a part of your daily routine (maybe in am, so you have this fresh in your mind for the day)
  • remind yourself throughout the day (“Post It’s” with affirmations written on them stuck in strategic locations, or an alarm on your cell phone)
  • this is a process of relearning, so (just like learning anything else) we need to review the material and practice every day in order to begin to master the skill and learn (or relearn) new information or habits. Once you make this shift a priority and have practiced this daily, you will begin to notice the benefits of the change!
  • journal (even just bullets) or even an art journal to make notes as you progress so you can review and see the growth you have made!
  • note others’ feedback regarding the changes they are observing in you. This also is evidence that what you are doing is working!! If you are REALLY brave, you can tell others of your plan and ask them to help you to be accountable.
  • bask in the pride and improved sense of self and confidence that comes when we are successful in achieving a goal.
  • now you can begin to see your true potential and will have a renewed sense of your ability to do anything and to become all you envision!
  • therapists or other trusted and psychologically minded individuals or advisors may offer considerable insight and assist you in devising a thorough plan and help you stay on track to increase the likelihood of success.

Please keep in mind that for many people, change is gradual and thus, requires patience. There will be days when you mess up or revert back to “old ways.” This is ok and is to be expected! Just like learning anything, sometimes we have to practice many many times before we see consistent positive results. We want to see shifts related to frequency, duration, and intensity. This is the measure of success with any meaningful change!!!

The cycle of our human experience often is reflected in nature and the universe. I believe all human needs can be satiated and understood by the natural world and that we (humans) often get into trouble when we forget the power and wisdom nature holds. Let’s take some cues from these creatures, and in this realm, and take the time to “spring into life” and connect with the natural world to tap into the natural flow of the season. We could all benefit from the gifts Spring offers. So…GET OUT THERE and take advantage of the increased motivation, energy, and inspiration to start (even jump start) the process of dreaming of a sunnier life and making pans to actualize the life we envision!! GO AHEAD…believe in the natural wonder all around…surrender to the season and allow nature to show the magic this life holds for all of us!!