The therapists of Doctor Annie Therapy Group value the collaborative relationship with patients, their families/caregivers, as well as physicians and other members of the treatment team. Therefore, communication and involvement with educators is critical to assure the highest quality therapeutic services which aids in providing continuity of care for our children and adolescents. We recognize the need to invest in our youth by reinforcing healthy lifestyles and interpersonal interactions. Support systems play a significant role in the development of our youth. These systems are paramount to ensure that our children/adolescents develop the knowledge, tools, and confidence to experience happiness, success, and meaningful relationships throughout their lifespan.

At Doctor Annie Therapy Group, we offer individual, family, and group therapy as well as psychological testing. We are well-versed in the educational processes involved in supporting and understanding students with individual needs. We work to help students and their families identify needs, and utilize resources and accommodations while also allowing the child to thrive in the least restrictive environment possible.

In addition to the above services, we have created in-services designed especially for educators to help support education systems, as well as the students they serve. Our in-services include:
Social and Emotional Learning: classroom incorporation and the impact of SEL on a child’s learning and behavior in the school environment
Identity, Development, and Peer Groups: the impact these likely have on the child’s emotional life, self concept, relationships, and school performance
Defiant Behavior: understanding seemingly defiant behavior from a helping perspective
ADHD: understanding this complex diagnosis and the potentia impact on multiple areas of a child’s life
Childhood and Adolescent Trauma: its impact on academic performance, sense of self worth, interpersonal relationships, and emotional functioning
Self Harm Behaviors: meanings, messages, and understanding what may be contributing to this confusing and distressing pandemic
Technology: the complex and ever changing world of social media, video games, internet communication, and their impact on identity development, self-esteem, social functioning, and academic pursuits
Defense Mechanisms: what these “look like” inside and outside of a classroom setting, and how the implementation of defense mechanisms may impact a child’s ability to learn

*More in-service topics are available upon request! We are always working to expand our repertoire of resources we can offer schools! We value your needs, input and ideas!

We also have similar programs designed for students! These presentations provide social emotional support, knowledge, and interventions for students. Presentations are based on individual indicated need(s) and grade level.

We sincerely value educators’ role in supporting our youth and their families. We understand that healthy education systems positively impact our community, and look forward to working collaboratively with teachers, administrators, and support staff in order to provide our children and adolescents with optimal opportunities to achieve success in their academic pursuits, relationships and development of a positive sense of self.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, referrals, and to gather more information about our practice, staff, and therapeutic modalities!

We are also available for meet and greet sessions with educators! We are happy to come to your school to meet your staff and further discuss our practice! Please contact us in order to arrange a time for these meetings.

9 W. Crystal Lake Road Suite 125 Lake In The HIlls ILL 60156


9 W. Crystal Lake Road Suite 125 Lake In The HIlls ILL 60156


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Doctor Annie Stokesberry, Psy, D.
(224) 400 9961
9 W. Crystal Lake Road, Suite 125
Lake In The Hills, IL 60156

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